Saturday, February 17, 2007

OK, So...Grey's

I am adjusting to reality here. (Yes, I, understand that that is a ridiculous statement in the context of a tv show. Whatever.) Meredith may well die.

People keep saying that she can't die, because the show is named for her. But the show is named for a book. I don't know when the book was first published (sometime in the 1850s-60s?), but Meredith Grey is a newcomer to the Grey name. So yes, she could die.

What I love about this show is that the characters are so -- well, they are so understandable. We can see something of ourselves in each one. And they keep on growing and changing, just as we do.

Christina: So driven, so callous, so my-father-died-and-therefore-I-have-to-achieve-something. Got that one down.

Meredith: Yes, I know. Dark and twisty. Accomplished but tortured. What a stroke of genius last night, to repeat the Code Black two-parter. A reminder, hours after her mother has srceamed at her that she is nothing but mediocre, that she was the one who saved the bazooka guy, and everyone else. Except for Dylan, who was doomed as soon as he got up that day. Do you remember what it was like to embark upon your adult life, scared of everything but determined to do it anyway?

Bailey: Who doesn't want to be Bailey? Bailey isn't scared of everything, or anything, really. Bailey is my hero on the days Christina isn't.

Alex: Alex is so selfish. And so vulnerable. Remember how he looked at Izzie when she passed him on the stairs on prom night? His story will be worth waiting for.

Izzie: OK, she looks like a rock star and now she IS a rock star. And she bakes. Where did our tough trailer park girl learn to bake like that? Admittedly, Izzie is the one with whom I have the least in common. The blonde hair and the baking and all. But that grief, that on-the-cold-floor-all-night grief? That I get.

Addison: Addison's middle name is turning out to be Compassion. When it isn't Loneliness. Who knew?

The McGuys. McChief. McDreamy. McPreston. McSteamy. McGeorge. They all want someone to love them. Interesting gender flip.

If Meredith does die, who will Rise To The Occasion? I'm thinking no one, and then it will be just like real life.


Snyder said...

Meredith will not die. Although an ensemble cast she is both the narrater and protagonist from which all the other characters spin. The title while the name of a book, is meant to be ironic in that Meredith is a doctor, who's last name is Grey. The show is named for her.

Don't worry she is not going to die, I promise

Nancy said...

Lovin' your journal...I'll be back.
And I was such a wimp with Grey's recently. I kinda lost it! She can't die....right?


ppb said...

i missed last week....I left off the week before with her falling into the water.....what happened?

jill said...

It will be so fun to chat with you next Friday, post-part-three!!

lisa c. said...

Alex, Alex, Alex. I knew he wasn't an ass when he gently picked up Izzie from Denny's bed -- while everyone else stood, transfixed, watching the horror and unable to respond -- and made his little speech. "The minute he stopped breathing, he stopped being Denny."

lightyears2vensu said...

Moms rule.