Friday, February 23, 2007

Grey's Part III

I was disappointed. Really disappointed.

I guess it was the interactions among the dead, the nearly dead, and the living. None of it rang true to me. More like wishful thinking.

This is a conversation I remember, from a sunny afternoon in July of 1971. We are standing and sitting around the back door, my stepsister and stepbrothers, whose mother has just died suddenly and unexpectedly, and my brother and I, whose mother has been dead for ten years. My stepsister, who at 22 is the oldest, says, "It's so . . . strange. One minute someone is completely here and the next minute she's completely gone. She is not anywhere in this world and she never will be again." And then she looks at my brother and me and continues. "And you guys have known that all these years."


lisa c. said...

I loved it. I loved learning new things about the characters. I LOVED the Denny and Izzie moment. I thought the afterlife parts were so-so, but I understood why they had to happen.

I understand what your step-siblngs were saying. I feel the same way about my parents.

But, wow, wouldn't it be great to be able to believe for even a second that what happened on Grey's is possible?

Anonymous said...

I hated the Denny and Izzie moment. In fact, the more I think about it, the more I hated the whole episode.

I expect to be totally alone here.


Carol said...

Wow as to your step-sister's comment. I'm sorry that you have all experienced so much loss but hope that the shared experiences helped you feel closer to one another in some sense.

Kathryn said...

I didn't hate it and didn't love it. It also didn't change my opinion of any of the characters except that George finally showed some spine.

Christine's friend just comes back to the land of the living and she is, of course, prattling on about herself and how mad she would have been if she didn't get to tell her about her engagement.

I don't understand why Izzy behaves so terribly toward Callie. Callie is one of the few that seem real to me.

They are all unbelievably odd but yet I watch.

Stacy said...

The idea that a loved one can suddenly cease to exist is incomprehensible to me. That one can go from being vital and alive to suddenly... gone. Seems impossible. I did not like the Grey's Anatomy episode at all last night. It was a bit too over the top. They could have done a much better job.

Presbyterian Gal said...

I fell asleep during G.A. last night. I saw part of the dead people conversations. I agree with Stacy, they couldve done better.

I know people who have died and come back. My aunt has died 3 times. It's nothing like this episode.

Julia said...

R - you might like reading the writer's blog which gives some insight to what they were thinking and the great symbolisms they use:


Paul said...

I watched this after you hyped it. You owe me an hour of my life back.