Saturday, March 29, 2008

WICKED ~ The Addiction Continues

Last night I was supposed to be writing a paper. On theology.

So I spent an hour investigating WICKED on youtube. (Hint: Search "Because I knew you + Wicked." Here's a good one.)

I found some great Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth stuff. I found an insipid interview Katie Couric did with them when the musical first opened on Broadway; she seemed to be under the impression that it is for children.

The impetus for yet another WICKED-obsessed evening: I had been listening to it in the car again this week. The intricacy and irony with which the theme of good and evil is interwoven from the very first song to the very last, and through even moments which appear utterly trivial is really, really wonderful.

The photo above? The house has fallen on Elphaba's sister and she's stomping around in fury because Glinda has given her sister's shoes to the perpetrator.

The Quiet Husband (who has not seen the musical) and I had a lengthy argument about whether the Wicked Witch of the West is, in fact, wicked. Needless to say, my definition of wickedness has undergone something of a transformation, at least as it is characterized by Elphaba. And Glinda as well, whose own compromises argue for a more nuanced defintion of evil.

I need to see it again!

It's a much better way of doing theology.

But I did get up early this morning and write the paper.

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Diane said...

there are parish members here who are also SOOO addicted to Wicked. I haven't seen it yet. but I might need to...?