Monday, March 03, 2008

Gannet Life

Gannet is content.

The sky is blue, the ocean is navy turquoise purple green gray, and there are willet all over the place, and pelicans and dunlin and sanderlings and osprey and terns of all kinds and laughing gulls and gannets. And that's just at the beach. Gannet went kayaking in the marsh this morning and there are yellowlegs and dowitchers and white pelicans there. And such lovely and fragile tri-colored herons! Maybe there is a photograph somewhere to lift. Borrow. Gannet and the Quiet Husband sat and watched them for so long that the tide went out and Gannet had to almost completely abandon a Teva sucked six inches under the mud when she had to get out to give the kayak a shove.

Gannet unfortunately set herself back a bit on the sprained foot front by walking four miles on the beach yesterday. So now, sadly, she needs to recover by sitting in the hot tub under the palm trees and then sitting out on the deck to read in the sunshine and look at the waves.


Paul said...

Welcome to my world.

Jan said...

Rest. Recuperate. Be gentle with yourself.

Kathryn J said...

Sorry to hear that you are "suffering" with a sprained ankle. The bird is beautiful. The vacation sounds perfect!