Wednesday, March 05, 2008

A Good Kind of Day

The sunrise over the Atlantic this morning was pretty nice. Pale pink fingers streamed from the horizon and transformed themselves into a boiling orange ball of fire. All by 6:45!

We went into St. Augustine to hear an organ concert at the Presby church with the ceiling I love because it is some kind of ocean blue-green, to check out the Catholic basilica which counts its parish beginnings from 1565 and which for some reason we had never been inside, to eat gazpacho at the Spanish restaurant we love, and to wander the narow streets of the Old City.

The sunset over the intracoastal was a good one, too.

And now it's dark and I feel a need to go out to the beach.

I love life when I am aware of sunrise and sunset and high and low tide times.


Jan said...

So glad you're in a beautiful place, watching the sunsets and sunrise(s). Enjoy!

Carol said...

The photo didn't load! But I, too, LOVE the restaurant where you ate gazpacho. I love their gazpacho and their black bean soup. Yum...I also like the pink background on your blog.

Lisa :-] said...

Ah...but if that was all there ever was (sunrises, sunsets and tide times) we would not appreciate them so much!

I almost typed "have a great time," but I know you are...