Saturday, March 22, 2008

European Interlude

OK, I admit it. I am not sure that I had ever heard of Bratislava until last week. Pathetic American, I know. (On the off-chance that anyone else reading this is as ignorant as I am: it's the capital of Slovakia, situated on the Danube.) The Lovely Daughter, on the other hand, has been there and has managed to find other Ohioans and Oregonians there as well. I think the young men pictured here might all be Georgetown students (but from Ohio and Oregon) studying in Madrid and traveling for spring break. Although I'm not sure studying is really the operative word.

I'm not complaining. They have all learned and absorbed way more than I had at twenty.

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Presbyterian Gal said...

Why, look how much smarter she looks already!!

What great adventures for her.4pl