Saturday, November 17, 2007


I have no required reading for ten days. I have no Greek hanging ominously over my head. And yes, we have serious budgetary constraints this year, but I do have a favorite way of spending a free rainy day. The world out there is full of novels and poetry. So, of course, is my house but, whatever.

I am out the front door, abandoning Soccer Dad who is spending the day alternating between hallway painting and televised football.

"I'm going to Borders," I call.

"I thought you were giving up buying books," he responds.

I look at him. Silently. Dumbfounded.

And I go to Borders.

The world is full of novels and poetry. Not to mention the new James Taylor CD/DVD.

Ah, Greek is but a faint memory . . . .


Carol\ said...

I have so many James Taylor CDs that I can't justify another. But I'd like it! Enjoy your vacation time, GG. How are you feeling?

Kathryn said...

Enjoy your long, long Thanksgiving weekend. Are any of the far-flung offspring joining you?

Lisa :-] said...

We in drippy Oregon will be thinking about you on TG... (Actually, it's supposed to clear up on Wednesday and be "partly sunny" through next weekend. Around here, that means it might rain a little less... :P

Presbyterian Gal said...

Enjoy your time off!! Borders is the perfect place. My best to Sweet Baby James.

more cows than people said...

just caught up on your blog.

have a fabulous vacation.

congrats on finishing quarter one of greek.

soak up the parts of everything that you only get at home.

and let jt serenade you.