Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ten Things and The Some

I put Ramoth-Gilead in the right place but Amman kind of migrated north. Yes! I AM studying my map for Hebrew Bible, but Mrs. M invited me out to play, the new moon is shining, and somewhere up north wolves are howling. So, a quick break to play 10 Things:

1. I have a group (well, two groups since we split years ago) of wonderful mom friends whom I met years and years ago online, and one of the moms whom I have never met irl just took her own Lovely Daughter on a college trip and had dinner with mine!

2. My boarding school roommate and I used to skip Sunday chapel in the spring and hike up the mountain to the school resevoir for a swim instead. None of which was considered acceptable behavior.

3. I think that the farthest north I have ever travelled would be somewhere in Norway. I know the word "travel" in Greek and I will never ever forget it, because I did on a quiz a few weeks ago.

4. The farthest south would be the Everglades.

5. I used to do programs for the Museum of Natural History that involved feeding a mouse to a great horned owl. To demonstrate life at the top of the food chain. Kids loved it. The mouse (who had already departed life at the bottom), probably not so much.

6. I have hitch-hiked pretty much the entire breadth of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. I hope my son is not reading this.

7. I think that my most miserable college experience ever was probably a certain Dartmouth Winter Carnival week-end. I hope he's not reading this, either.

8. I have seen at least five babies being born (not counting my own).

9. I am wearing, as I do about 50% of the time, the gold earrings my grandmother gave me for my thirteenth birthday.

10. When I was about ten, I amost drowned taking my first deep-water test required for canoeing class, but I am an ok canoeist now.

That's totally random, huh?


Presbyterian Gal said...

I am certainly glad you did not drown. And I'm glad you were not picked up by a crazed ax murderer when ill-advisedly hitchhiking. (though I did it myself in junior high....doh!).

That is cool about your earrings.

Althea N. Agape said...

poor-am-I when I travel. That's one verb I could rememebr. Mnemonics are great. Some of them can even be repeated in public.

Well, back to papers.

Jan said...

Great play and hopefully a reliever for finals week. Nice to have two groups of moms. I'm awed by your bravery in hitch-hiking--and am also glad you always were safe. Watching babies being born (someone else's!) would be amazing! It's nice to know a little more about you. Thanks.

LawAndGospel said...

After finals do not forget to pino oinos ( sorry cannot do greek font here). Godspeed and cheers!

Kathryn said...

When does your semester end?

Ten very cool things.

Anonymous said...

I almost drowned as a child, and never learned to swim after that...I'm glad your experience went better!

Mrs. M said...

gannet, I think that swim sounds like a great way to worship on the Sabbath.

Carol said...

Your hike up the mountain is better than my father's trip to the neighborhood pool hall! His father would drop him off in front of the building, he'd walk straight out the back door, around the corner, and into the pool hall! This was back in the late 30s/early 40s!

Wyldth1ng said...

Well, hitch-hiking across a bigger state might be more worrisome, wouldn't it?