Friday, November 02, 2007

Greek and Blogging Invade Dream Life

Last night I dreamed that we (though I can't exactly remember whom "we" included, but my kids -- very little -- were there) were staying in a beach house in Vero that my grandparents rented for several winters. I was moving around Greek verb endings that had taken the form of giant chess pieces, a la Ron Weasley in the first Harry Potter. Not surprisingly, none of the verb endings would go where they were supposed to go and I was becoming quite perturbed.

Then I turned my attention to the six cats whom everyone was trying to lock into a room so that we could all go to the beach. I'm not sure why we needed to confine the cats, but if you know the term "herding cats," then you know that this enterprise was even less likely to result in success than the Greek chess game.

And then the doorbell rand and there was Babs! with Beatrice in her arms! Babs was all grown up, Beatrice was not, the kids were thrilled to see them both, and Beatrice's arrival put an end to all hope of herding the cats.

Greek is a torment to me, my life (the cats) is going in a multitude of directions, and I had noticed on Halloween how very much little Babs and her sister Portia look like their adult selves, but I'm still not sure how words, chess pieces, cats, Babs, and dog all ended up in the Florida beach house -- except that it was for many years a place of hospitality and rest for me, and I could for sure stand to be taken care of by my grandmother for awhile!

(Found the photos online -- they're pretty close!)


Carol said...

Your mind and body needed an escape from all the stress it's under right now. I'm glad it took you somewhere pleasant and with such fond memories attached.

Purechristianithink said...

I also had a dream about Beatrice recently! She is one powerful pup to put out such powerful psychic waves!

(And when I was taking Hebrew I had a dream where I was outside at night and noticed that the stars were all shaped like tiny, shining Hebrew letters. I wondered how it was possible that I had never noticed this before . . . . )

Quotidian Grace said...

Whoa! I had no idea Beatrice was haunting your dreams and PCIT's. And Babs shows up, too! Well, she is my more "psychic" daughter, I guess.

Hmmmm. Gotta think about this. What is going on here?