Monday, November 12, 2007

Plan for Tomorrow

(Look her up if you need to!)

1. Sort out Amos, Isaiah, and Jeremiah.

2. Make a least five more drawings of the map of ancient Biblical lands with their 55 or so features and places, and put Ramoth-Gilead in the correct spot just once.

3. Explain the early debates about Christology, sin, grace, and the sacraments. Remember everything taught to high school students about writing change-over-time history essays.

4. Rememorize (for about the twentieth time) Greek second aorist verb forms. No, you do not want to know what those are. Rememorize (for the tenth time) Greek prepositions and try to remember that "on behalf of" is not the same as "from." (Frankly, I think my professor is thrilled just to see me recognize that a word is a preposition; which one is not so critical.) Memorize (for the first time) the changes in the perfect verb stems. Do not waste time wondering why they change.

5. Try to remember that when Greek sentences are missing words, those words are usually either nouns or some variant of the verb "to be." Yes, something of a problem, to have either the noun or the verb or both missing.

6. Take a long walk. Really long.

7. Go here. Maybe several times.

8. Ay-yep. Finals week.


more cows than people said...

1. prepositions suck.

2. greek prepositions suck harder.

3. missing words are fun when you have lots of time, they suck during finals week.

4. the link is super cool- thanks.

5. all shall be well. all shall be well. all manner of things shall be well.

Jan said...

Thanks for the link. Good luck. Blessings to surround and uplift you. Glad you posted.

Althea N. Agape said...

I Never did get the multiple meanings of each preposition straight by genitive, dative, etc. May you remember everything you know and communicate it well!

Mrs. M said...

Wonderful stuff, Gannet.

Would you like to come out and play?

mompriest said...

Finals, already...thanks for the link...

Quotidian Grace said...

I like the new blog template. Methinks it's the product of study avoidance?

Good luck with the Greek and everything else!