Sunday, August 06, 2006

Paris Here and There, In No Particular Order

Sunset, around 10:00 pm, and college students congregate on the Pont Neuf for the evening.

A walking street, lined by gardens and located atop an old aqueduct.

A memorial plaque in the Jewish Quarter. Translation: To the memory of the Director of Personnel and the students of this school arrested in 1943 and 1944 by the Vichy Police and the Gestapo, deported and exterminated at Auchswitz because they were Jews.

There isn't much left to remind us of what some experts call the seminal event in modern European history.

A World Cup celebrant.

Marie and Pierre Curie are among the luminaries entombed in the Pantheon, along with Voltaire and Rousseau. Next to their tombs, numerous scribbled notes, on metro tickets, sightseeing programs, and other scraps of paper, have been left by people who clearly felt moved to express themselves ~ many of them women scientists and at least one of them a churlish man scientist. The top note reads: "Thank you for your inspiration. From a scientist, a woman, an admirer." The bottom one reads: "Thank you both for your contributions to nuclear chemistry. You truly have been pioneers. From a scientist, a man, an admirer. P.S. Pierre, the guys are still better at science."

The ceilings of the Pantheon.

The view of Notre Dame from our hotel room.

A window at St.-Chappelle.

Luxembourg Gardens

The Pantheon from the front. Another victim of the French Revolution, it was originally founded as the Church of St. Genevieve, the patron saint of Paris; turned into the Hall of the Great Men by the revolutionaries, who removed its stained glass windows;and returned to the church by Napoleon, who was eager to aquire Catholic support for his dictatorship. It now serves as a museum and crypt.


2 Dollar Productions said...

The sunset shot was really cool.

Cynthia said...

Your pictures literally made my heart beat faster.

jo(e) said...

I really love that first photo.

Carol said...

Each photo was more beatiful than the previous one. How did you do the one of Notre Dame at night? Although I don't speak or read french I knew enough to decipher the plaque to the Holocaust victims. Thanks for including that one.

betty said...

great pictures


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures. You sure did see quite a bit in the time you were there. Hope you have a great day.

tess said...

I was happy to see 'Paris... in no particular order'!
The notes really got to me! Thanks for seeing that!

Anonymous said...

You could see Notre Dame from your hotel room? As my 14 yo would say, KEWELL!!


Marie said...

great photos! I love the cathedral windows

Anonymous said...

Great photos thanks. for sharing these! I esp. liked the firts one.