Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Chartres IV: And More Windows

Ambulatory Window and Piers

The Prodigal Son Returns Home

The Good Samaritan and Adam and Eve Window: God Places Adam in the Garden
The Good Samaritan and Adam and Eve Window

The South Rose Window: The Apocalyse, with Mary Underneath, Framed by the Four Major Prophets of the Old Testament Carrying the Four New Testament Evangelists

The West Rose Window: Christ's Second Coming as Judge


LightYears2Venus said...

I, too, was mesmerized as a young girl by the architectural expression of faith which cathedrals represent, their individual stories, and the ethereal magic of stained-glass windows. In 11th grade I took my one and only trip abroad (so far! not counting Mexico, which is a day trip for us), which included a half-dozen English cathedrals. Stepping into each one was a dream come true. Chartres, Mont St. Michel, and Notre Dame were particular favorites which capitivated my imagination in high school French textbooks and a college Humanities course. Your entries have been a feast for the eyes and do these magnificent structures justice, stirring memories. Thank you for the nostalgic flash of recognition of old friends and some new views as well.
Saw your comment in Lisa's journal and thinking of you as you work out the difficult decisions you alluded to and prepare for a new school year.

betty said...

enjoyed these

Quotidian Grace said...

Beautiful pictures, GG! Thanks for sharing them. Just gorgeous...

Anonymous said...

Those windows must be absolutely stunning to see with the light shining through them.