Thursday, August 10, 2006

Family Matters

I thought I might finish the Chartres posts before I left town tomorrow so that I could get started on Iona upon my return, but Blogger continues to be nonresponsive with respect to photo uploading. So we'll see.

I am off to North Carolina to retrieve the Lovely Daughter from her camp counseling job. We only get her back for 12 days before she's off to college again, so I am looking forward to every second. Tomorrow I will stop off at a friend's to show her my Iona photos, since she's been there herself; at my dad's for dinner; and at my brother's to partake of his hot tub and a good night's sleep. On Sunday I'm hoping to have a blogger meet-up (hike?) in North Carolina! before picking up the Lovely Girl and, apparently, a couple of other counselors who need a ride north.

The Son in Europe flies to Vienna to Barcelona and takes a train to Valencia tomorrow, and then flies from Valencia to Paris to New York to home on Saturday. Possibly. I have told him to try to remain calm and be of help to other passengers who will be as frustrated and miserable as he will be. And that his only goal is the Continental U.S. -- if he makes it that far, to any city at all, Southwest and Greyhound are his friends. Meanwhile I am breathing deeply and trying to remember that I have practiced for this, when his brother was scheduled to fly from Boston to Paris on 9/12/01 and did fly there about 10 days later, with me clenching my fists in determination at JFK.

That Son, now in Chicago, remains employed, has managed to sign up for one class for Fall quarter, and has found an apartment to sublet for same! Yay! He will NOT be living at home and waiting tables at the local hippie restaurant. (A fine restaurant, I might add, where we had dinner a few nights ago. But not where a young man who should be in his 4th year at Chicago should be spending the Fall.)

I reached a decision on my crisis of the week-end. I decided to honor my integrity, adhere to my prior committment, and postpone the other delightful possibility. One of my friends told me that I should be grateful for all the opportunities opening up for me at this stage of my life, and she's right. I am also incredibly grateful for the counsel and assistance of many wise and good friends, Catholic and Prebyterian, across several states, and including a priest, a nun, and a pastor. My life really is made extraordinary rich and full by the diversity and devotedness of the friends who inhabit it.


Theresa Williams said...

Glad you solved your dilemma. What part of NC? I'm from there. Hot, hot, hot place to live. Don't know what's up with Blogger. I used photobucket for my Marblehead pics. But today Blogger was working again. Sigh. Be careful on your trip.

dee said...

Seems like things are great on the family front. I can't wait to have grown up children so I can be a gypsy again. I come here very often to admire your European jaunt pics and intelligent writing.

Carol said...

It sounds as though you're at peace with your decision and that's all anyone can ask. The high road is always a good policy. Safe travels, and enjoy the chance to be outdoors and the alone time with your daughter. As for all the travel, I feel your pain and my own child will only be traveling domestically. Congratulations to your son on having arranged for a small income, a roof over his head, and some school. He's going to be fine if he doesn't drive you crazy in the process. No one ever said that parenting was any easier once the kids were older. In fact, I think it's harder because we have to bite our tongues and sit on our hands so much more.

Safe travels.

Marie said...

Glad you decided to honor your integrity and do the right thing.

Great photos.I would so love to see the great cathedrals of France and also the Palace of Versailles, the Arc d'Triumphe, etc.

Anonymous said...

Glad you found your answer, the other opportunity will be waiting for you when the time is right.