Thursday, February 19, 2009

Status Report

I have had a few days, here and there, that have been easier. I have had parts of days that have been good.

And in spite of myself, my calendar is filling up. So I made one -- a calendar, I mean. I put all my stuff on it and color-coded everything, because I remain pretty hazy in general orientation. (Got an assignment back that said, essentially, "This would be an A paper -- for a different course.") My beautiful calendar looks incredibly efficient, and got me out the door to three appointments this morning.

And then I came home and saw that I had some messages, three of which boiled down to, "Hey, I'm waiting at the coffee shop . . . where are you?????"



Purple said...

Some days are just like that.

Michelle said...

Oh dear!! Calendars are lovely things, at times...though I had a director once - when my life was a tad overbooked - who advised me to take my calendar to prayer at night when I did the examen...

Prayers still arise!

Kathryn J said...

I hate my calendar. It is too full and most of it is papers or school assignments. Out of all the things you accomplished yesterday, meeting a friend might have been the highest priority.

You are in my thoughts.

Carol said...

Been there done that. I've had people call asking where I am. Despite having the time of hte appointment written down on my calendar, and looking at it in the morning, something happens between seeing it and transferring it to the brain. I've been 45 minutes late for appointments (my kids' dentist in December), manicures (3 weeks ago), and worse. It happens. But without the calendar, it could be much much worse.
(Word verification is "propit" as in "prop it up"!?)

Carol said...

I forgot the most important part--it's great to hear that the good parts of days are increasing. This will send me to bed with a little lift in my step for you.