Thursday, February 12, 2009

Over There

Today I am heading off for the funeral of my father's third wife's mother. She was 92 and has been ill for six months, but still. My first funeral since our son died. My husband went to an uncle's a few weeks ago. It seems that it was good for him to be with his family. My family is a good deal more complicated.

Sunday night we are planning to go to a Cotillion for the daughter of Musical Friend, whose husband died eleven months ago. It will be their wedding anniversary week-end, and their daughter will be escorted by her oldest brother. Enough said.

Hence today's post over at
Desert Year. Cross-posting feels beyond me at the moment.


Purple said...

Many prayers for grace and courage.

Carol said...

Wishing you strength, GG. You are filled with grace.

christine said...

your blogs are incredible--and so full of color and life. i am always amazes as i gently move through them. we must meet someday. thanks for visiting and leaving your remarks on mine. i am surely tired tonight--lots of work in the last 24 hours. time to rest.

Stushie said...

God be with you on this new journey. I've created something that you may like