Friday, April 06, 2007

Trip Summary

Sun's Up Willet, Assateague National Seashore, April 2007

DC, Chincoteague and Assateague with Windy City Son. Quick trip before he vanishes into the corporate workforce.

Washington National Cathedral on an overpoweringly spring-like day. Organ concert around which we had planned arrival cancelled with no explanation. Lunched in the garden. Splurged in the bookstore.

Full moon rose a fiery red over western coast of eastern shore.

While we drove across the Delmarva Peninsula from Blackwater NWR to Assateague, the skies darkened and the temperature dropped thirty degrees. As we rode our bikes across the Chincoteague NWR the next morning, the skies opened up and within seconds we were drenched to the core. But by late that day, we were getting sunburned on the beach.

Birding count:

Great Egrets
Snowy Egrets
Great Blue Herons

Cattle Egret
Marbled Godwit
Red-breasted Mergansers

Tri-Colored Heron


Sunlit Sika, Chincoteague NWR, April 2007


Carol said...

I envy your ability to take the time to find such beauty in nature. Your trip sounds wonderful. I wouldn't have the first clue as to the differences among species of birds. In fact, I can barely tell the difference between a sparrow and a robin! (jk, but almost)

Kathryn said...

The first picture is so luscious that I want to dive into it. The light is so soft, so beautiful -- the bird and water texture are luminous in a shadowy way. Wow!

I need the ocean. I crave the ocean. It snowed here today.

Lisa :-] said...

Sounds like a birding paradise.

As always, lovely pictures, Robin!

Presbyterian Gal said...

Your pictures are really good. Ever thought of submitting them to nature mags? They're as good, if not better.

Virginia said...

Glad you got to enjoy Blackwater. Its one of our favorite places.

Peace, Virginia

sunflowerkat said...

What a wonderful trip! It's a very special place. I'm glad you got this time with your son before he is off.

Your photos are just stunning.

Virginia said...

You should come back for the red knot migration next month, although its getting harder and harder to find them as their population is crashing.

Peace, Virginia