Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Ten Best Things

Best thing you’ve seen in the past week:
A kinglet, though it was too far away and I didn't have binocs with me, so I can't tell you which kind. The spring kind.

Best thing you’ve heard in the past week:
My next door neighbor's story about the birth of twins to her daughter in Germany last month, the daughter who was five when we moved in 23 years ago and I was the one pregnant with twins. Her twins were much more cooperative about their arrival than mine were.

Best thing you’ve eaten (or not, for dieters) in the past week:
Chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips.

Best thing you’ve learned in the past week:
That there are some thought patterns I can change.

Best place you’ve been in the past week:
All the places (and there aren't many of them) where the daffodils and tulips surived the Easter blizzard.

Best thing you’ve accomplished in the past week:
The interview for a program in spiritual direction.

Best thing you’ve said (or not) in the past week:
"Yes, you may have until next week to turn that paper in."

Best thing you’ve read in the past week:
Encounters with Silence by Karl Rahner. I read it in bits and pieces all the time.

Most touching moment in the past week:
Hearing tonight that a friend's four-month old granddaughter, born with massive damage to many body systems that has precluded most normal physical functioning, slurped down her first bottle last night.

Biggest dragon you’ve slain in the past week:
The third draft of my paper on the Muslim hajj, emailed in this afternoon ON TIME.

Thanks to Lisa! for the template.

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Lisa :-] said...

Cute little pint-sized birdie! and great news about the bottle-slurping.

Aren't these fun? Gets you to thinking about the good things...