Wednesday, April 11, 2007

So. . . this class I'm taking? We have to write a paper, which I figured would be due, as always, at the end of the exam period. Say about May 11.

Nope. A few weeks ago, the prof announced it would be due the last day of class, May 2. Now I did make A Life Plan when I signed up for the class and saw the syllabus, way back in January but, OK, I can pull off May 2.

Tonight he says he wants a draft a week earlier. That's in two weeks.

WT. . . ?

The yearbook for which I am the advisor is due next Monday. AP Exams are at the beginning of May and all the preparation has to be completed by the end of April. I'm preaching a sermon Sunday, preceded by one of those 8:15 meetings that so startled QG a few weeks ago. And my school is a Sunday ACT test site this week. Thankfully I don't have to proctor that one, but I do have to get everything set up Friday afternoon.

I don't have much of anything to do in May. But it seems I won't have to write this paper then either.

I don't think I'm even going to be reading blogs for the next two weeks, much less writing one.


Good thing I got that Assateague sunrise in.


Quotidian Grace said...

There oughta be a law against profs setting new deadlines mid-way through the term, don't you think?

Good luck with all this!

Lisa :-] said...

Welcome to the kind of timeline I've been living lately:
Any tiny amount of leisure time is immediately followed by an exponentially longer period of having more things to do than time to do them in.

Good luck!

Laura said...

It's a busy, busy, busy time of year for those of us who work in schools, for all the reasons you list. Profs should not move deadlines UP, only BACK. Maybe you could ask for an extension. Good luck with it all.

Carol said...

As if Springtime wasn't already busy enough for all of us. This professor has a lot of chutzpah. Good luck, GG. Try to take a few minutes each day for reflection, birdwatching, and yourself.

PPB said...


Kathryn said...

The sunrise is breathtaking. The picture is remarkable with a gorgeous reflection in the perfect curve of the wave breaking on the sand.

I'm sorry life is so hectic and rushed right now. The paper sounds interesting but I suspect you had a different project plan than the one forced upon you now.