Saturday, April 21, 2007


Responses from Orthodox Jewish high school students who have learned that their teacher is off to a Presbyterian seminary:

What do we call you?

How are you going to learn Hebrew when you haven't managed it in six years with us? (Good question.)

(Yelling down hall) Hey, Rabbi Reverend C!

You're going to be like Lucy in Seventh Heaven?

You're going to be a prime minister?

Ms. C is getting smicha?

Can we visit your church?

This is so cool.


Wil said...

Wjat is smicha, please?

Carol said...

Not GG but "smicha" is passing tests to become a rabbi in the orthodox movement!

And I agree with GG's students--this is soooo cool!

Lisa :-] said...

LOL at question #2...

Quotidian Grace said...

Yes, GG is going to become a VERY prime minister!!!!

sunflowerkat said...

Rabbi Reverend Prime Minister GG!!

They're too cute!


Sophia said...

This is wonderful! I got similar reactions from my friends in the Reformed Jewish community when they heard I was going to an Episcopal seminary.