Friday, April 27, 2007

Friday Five

You can play here.

1. Wearing?

The ubiquitous black skirt. White tank top. Long gray and white cardigan sweater. My Virginia Woolf look.

2. Pondering?

I managed to forget all about that fish on Gray's last night, but a friend emailed a post today that says it's for real. So now I am pondering that. Yeeecccchhh.

3. Reading?

On the floor next to the bed: Paula Huston's By Way of Grace. Diana Butler Bass's Christianity for the Rest of Us. Ivan Doig's The Whistling Season. The new issue of The New York Review of Books. A stack of printouts on Karl Barth, Reinhold Niebuhr, and Karl Rahner.

4. Dreaming?

Of summer afternoons in Chartres.

5. Eating?

I'm about to have some pasta and cheese for lunch. And then go for a walk on yet another dreary gray day.


Quotidian Grace said...

I so do not picture you as Virginia Woolf! It must be the British type weather that is making you think that way!

Presbyterian Gal said...

That fish on Grey's. Very creepy. Made me even more glad to be a gal.

And Chartres. Sounds lovely.

Gannet Girl said...

But PG, apparently they go after girls, too!!

Lisa :-] said...

Weather has been gray and frumpy here, too. But it IS getting to be spring...I think.

Presbyterian Gal said...

Arrrrrgh! I just cancelled my Swim the Amazon vacation tour!!!