Sunday, April 30, 2006

Sunday Some

As I said before, I am going to steal shamelessly from TJ and her weekly look at blogs to let you know about some that I'm enjoying every week. A specific number is way too restrictive for me, plus I would have a hard time remembering what it is -- Sunday Seven? Six? Seventy-Six? "Some" is more in line with my nature.

Herewith, the first batch:

Judi Heartsong
has been writing about a recent trip to Arizona. The skies are blue, the hotel rooms are blue, the rocks are red.

I my personal self got to come up with
The Round Robin Photo Challenge word. If you haven't already, take a look at some of the other entries. It's always so interesting to see the realm of possibilities one word can generate.

The photographs in the
Blue Ridge blog are always exquisite and this past week has been no exception.

Same for
Yellowstone Wolf. Go back a little further to see Coyote and Moose.

Red in her spectacularly designed blog
Collage of Clouded Lucidity posed the question: Why do we blog? It's been my plan ever since she asked to write a brilliantly incisive response. Here it is:

I have no idea.

But if you feel more insightful about your motivations than I do then, by all means, give it a shot.

And one more:
Paul has gotten started on his recent trip to England and Scotland.

Places and photographs. And that bothersome little question: why are we doing this?


Vicky said...

Now THEM'S daffodils!! Thank you, Robin!

And thanks for the glimpses into other blogs. I hopped on over to a few.

As for why we do this - for me, it's a chance to connect with like-minded folks whom I otherwise would not be able to meet. It's the old agora, forum, village green, etc. Long may it reign!


Paul said...

Pimping on a Sunday? Jayz, I HAVE been a bad influence.

alphawoman said...

Gonna check out the other blogs! Some of them are old friends I just never see anymore!!

LightYears2Venus said...

Judith's entries/photos are my hometown/state (:
I agree with Vicky. Reading Miss Manners this morning (an etiquette columnist, if not in your newspaper) in regard to blogs, she says, "not everyone wants to spend time following the lives and thoughts of strangers." When you find the right blogs, the authors strike such a strong chord that vibrates deep within your soul, yet at the same time offer an incredible tapestry of different places and experiences that you don't always get around the workplace lunch table, at local friends' homes, at the church social, and so on. That's why I read blogs (and am working up to writing) and I imagine that evoking such responses is one reason why people write blogs.

Kathryn said...

I'm grateful that all of you keep up with your blogs.

peripateticpolarbear said...

beautiful photograph.

Lisa :-] said...

I think everyone who reads my blog knows that I wrestle with that question (why do I blog?) on at least a semi-annual basis... :-]

And, okay...that was a first. Went to look at the stupid "word verification" box at the bottom of the comment, and all that was there was the little re "x" that appears when a picture doesn't load. Very helpful (not...)

V said...

Great choices!