Saturday, February 27, 2010

Vacation That Isn't

I don't think that a single day lies ahead in the next two weeks in which some form of scheduled interaction with someone is not required. A little much for this perceived-as-extrovert-but-not-one kind of person.

This morning I am headed out to meet with the friends with whom I used to spend every Saturday morning. That tradition broke down for me last fall when the rest of them decided to spend that time at a farmer's market and I decided that I needed to conserve my energy instead.

Tomorrow~ field ed church all morning and then the entire afternoon spent at my home church where a friend and I will be getting people started on our prayer retreat. We begin with a meeting of the spiritual directors, and then the retreatants will join us for orientation. Each of them has agreed to spend half an hour in contemplative prayer and half an hour meeting with a spiritual director over the next five days -- quite a venture for Presbyterians! My co-leader and I had hoped to be solely engaged in the organization of this one, but the numbers and schedules haven't worked out that way. It looks like I will be meeting with two people each evening, so in this case I am conserving mental energy ahead of time. It doesn't sound demanding, but listening attentively to someone and trying to follow her prayer life for several consecutive days is exhausting!

Monday ~ I am meeting with someone who is planning a year-long Ignatian retreat in everyday life. I am extremely excited about that, but it entails a huge commitment on both our parts. Four years ago I was in the middle of my own retreat, and I am still in awe that someone else who had multiple other responsibilities was willing to meet me at 8:00 in the morning once a week to accompany me through the Ignatian Exercises. That memory and the recognition of all that changed in my own life as a result help to propel me forward when my own phone rings.

And there is a sermon to plan for Thursday, and a huge paper to write. (I didn't realize just how huge until I started it last night.)

Well. I wanted to be a pastor and a spiritual director. Be careful what you wish for, right?

My camera and its various accoutrements is sitting here next to me on the bed as I type. I am going to start figuring it out later today, and I've started a new blog under my real name for the upcoming adventure. I have no idea what will happen to Search the Sea, but I think it's time for a different approach. If you are interested in joining me over there ~ so far a title is all that exists ~ email me at gannetgirlatsbcglobaldotnet.


marigolds2 said...

I do want to join you there, and tried to email you to say so, but the email address won't work. The message I get is that it is too long. Please, let's try again on the address.

Mary Ellen

Karen said...

busy girl. we are locked in front of the tv watching for the tsunami that is going to hit Hawaii today. say a prayer for them.

would love to join your next blog.

marigolds2 said...

Okay, I figured it out. Sent you an email. Looking foward to the new adventure.
Mary Ellen

Michelle said...

May the energy appear when you need it...

Cindy said...

I'm also a "perceived-as-extrovert-but-not-one kind of person" ... and know the sometimes swirling sense of too-much-schedule.

(oddly enough I thought I was the only one)

The retreat sounds wonderful ... and I wish you all well as you begin this venture!

I'll email - definitely interested to follow your new blog.


Law+Gospel said...

Looking forward to your next blog and prayers for your endeavors that the Spirit will gift you with what is needed along the way.