Saturday, July 26, 2008

Saturday Prayer (Cross Post from Rev Gals Prayers)


"Be praised my God for Sister Water who is useful, humble, precious and pure."

As St. Francis prayed in great gratitude for Sister Water,we pray in thankfulness for her life sustaining generosity. We acknowledge that water in its mysterious beauty causes the desert to bloom. One tiny drop spread collected with thousands of dropswaters seeds and future harvests to feed us and all creatures. One tiny drop multiplied quenches our burning thirst. Our bodies, like the body of earth, are over 75% water. We are a water people. We are a water planet.

Oh compassionate God,

Creator who breathed over the waters

we seek forgiveness for our mindless use of water.

We beg for wisdom to know how to conserve and cherish water,

We ask healing for the ways that we disrespect and contaminate our sister.

In this drought time we wait and watch for the gift of rain upon earth.

We watch and wait for the rain of grace into our souls.

Come free us from hatred, greed, fear, and our lack of love for your gifts
upon earth.

Transform us into living streams of water

flowing green and moist with life, hope, and love for earth and all peoples.

We pray this prayer in the name of God who is gracious Creator, Jesus who is

Eternal Word, and Spirit who is Wellspring of Wisdom.


(Adapted from Joan Brown, osf, Ecological Ministry of the Social Justice Office, Archdiocese of Santa Fe.)


Stratoz said...

as a child growing up I could walk the the flowing waters of "the mighty" east branch of the Monocacy Creek. I have always been able to relate to those flowing water images. By the was my personal bird sanctuary.

Diane said...

what a beautiful prayer! thank you for sharing it.

Presbyterian Gal said...


Jan said...

Thank you. Amen.