Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Camp Counselor Vignette

The Lovely Daughter called last night shortly after 11:00.

For the past several months, her calls have come from places like Prague . . . Paris . . . Dublin . . . you get the idea.

Last night, there was a sudden interruption of our conversation as she exclaimed, "Yikes! That horse scared me to death!"

Out in a valley of the North Carolina Blue Ridge, counselors have to go to the edge of the camp late at night to make personal calls, so as not to disturb the campers with reminders of the high tech world they have left behind.

So one night her telephone background is Le Louvre; another, it's a horse pasture.

She's such a terrific young woman.


Diane said...

She IS! and what a traveler!

Stratoz said...

truly dangerous to roam to phone... while leaving the silence to phone home a little while back, a man stopped, rolled down his window, and pointed out that a car had destroyed the stone wall I was sitting on top of just a few feet away. He thought it might not be a stable place to be sitting.

Jan said...

You must be so proud. She is an amazing young woman, much like her mother.

Mrs. M said...

Gannet, your daughter sounds very, very cool.

And kudos to you for giving her the freedom to get there.

Kathryn J said...

Ah to be young and beautiful again. It is hard for me to believe that she is going to be a senior next year. Time vaporizes.