Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday Five Part Two

I've spent most of the day writing a paper on the Book of Revelation. It's actually been a surprisingly fascinating exercise. This morning it all suddenly came together in my head so, instead of dragging it out over the whole week-end as an alternative to studying for finals, I just whipped it off. (Meaning, I spent a couple of hours outlining and a few more writing. But that's a big improvement over the four days I spent on a five-pager a couple of weeks ago, when the thoughts and words just would not jell.)

However, the Friday Five (see prevous entry) has been in the back of my head all day, and I now have an addendum. My question for myself: Suppose you learned that you have exactly two weeks left on this planet of ours and, while you must spend the second one with your family, you are also required to spend the first anywhere that you like with all the friends and family you want to bring. One place. Money no object.

And so:

I think my choice is the
Cinque Terre. Right about this time of year. Several consecutive days of walking the paths among the villages along and above the Mediterranean,broken up by boat trips and kayaking IN the Mediterranean, and sunning on the rocks jutting out into the Mediterranean. Lingering over long lunches and longer dinners -- a different cafe and a different bottle of wine every time. Standing on the balcony OVER the Mediterranean and under a full moon every evening. All of it with a rather large group of all the people I love most.


I would cheat.

I would get there by flying to Paris and taking the train to Chartres first.

I need to see those windows again almost as much as I need to breathe. Yes, they are that wonderful.


Songbird said...

Sounds wondrous!

Presbyterian Gal said...

That picture is heaven, right?

Jan said...

This sounds so nice. And thanks for telling me about your similar experience where control wanted to take over the situation!