Friday, March 23, 2007

A Little Shaky

Night before last I had an attack of some violent GI thing, the kind that keeps you up for hours and the next day produces aching ribs, a desperate need to change the bed and clean the toilet and the sink, and hours and hours of sleep. I staggered into work for a couple of hours to finish the last of the state standardized tests for two kids who were sick themselves last week, and then curled up in my clean sheets.

Today I am just Wiped Out. And a few pounds lighter. And a little concerned; that's the second time that has happened in six months. This time I skipped the visit to the ER, but I sure did miss that gigantic painkilling shot.

I actually had a number of miscellaneous things upon which to comment. But you know what? I'm too tired. I hope there isn't something going terribly wrong, but it seems that my usual systemmic response to stress has moved up several notches rather quickly.


Kathryn said...

I hope your recovery continues and speedily. I'm looking forward to your comments.

Quotidian Grace said...


Get better soon. It's really a bummer to have the return of the GI crud.

Lisa :-] said...

It could be Noro-virus, Robin. It's really been making the rounds around here this year. Not to be confused with the bout of (I'm assuming) salmonella you suffered last fall... I think it's just a horrid coincidence..

sunflowerkat said...

I hope by now you're feeling a lot better. Get the rest you need.