Sunday, March 11, 2007

Just Venting

I am going to remove this post soon. I just need to get some things out of my system.

I think that when several volunteers show up for a meeting at 8:15 on DST Sunday, meaning that when they show up it feels more like 7:15, the person paid to be there should make it before 8:50.

I think that when someone says "your Powerpoint is all set up [so that you can do the program on which you have spent hours and hours and so that the opening on which you have lavished such care will go just right]," that should not mean that three people who are in your audience will need to get up and spend the next 20 minutes getting it going.

I think that when people being groomed for leadership who readily admit that they are lacking in fundamental information have the opportunity, week after week, to obtain some of same information, they should show up on occasion.

I think that when people already in leadership help to plan a series of events, they should show up once in awhile, too.

I think that I myself am beyond criticism and therefore hope that no one I know is reading this.

Just one of those days.

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