Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Just a Few Observations

We're in the middle of state graduation testing for our tenth graders. I'm in charge of it. Makes for long and tedious days. (Today I asked one of the gentlemen to move to the other side of the room, since he had plopped himself down in the area carefully set aside for kids who need extra time and space in testing situations. For reasons unclear to me, he thought I expected him to take the table with him. He broke it.)

I'm also the yearbook advisor. For the first time in my four years on that job, the kids have oversold ad space. There were a couple of days there when I thought the seniors would come to blows. Now we are reorganizing the book. I wish the kids in charge of the theme pages would work half as hard as the kids in charge of the business end. We may have the first ever 100%-ads-0%-photos yearbook. Yep. Long and tedious days.

I've been invited to preach in April. Way cool. Long but not tedious days ahead.

Seems like a couple of months ago that a little tow-headed boy dragged chairs and hangars and blocks and who knows what else into a corner of the library and piled them all up and announced that he had created a Machine for Talking to the Stars.

Tonight he is nearly 6' tall and has a fuzzy red beard and spends his time with a beautiful-Phi-Bete-ballerina-archaeology-grad-student-to-be and is emailing me photos of apartments and condos in the Windy City. Apartments and condos he is considering renting. I hope he finds a place where he can see the stars, even though he isn't making communication technology anymore.


Lisa :-] said...

So, Windy City son wants to stay in the Windy City. That's nice. Chicago is a great place.

Cool about the invite to preach, too...! You go!

Presbyterian Gal said...

Theme vs. Business = Right brain vs. Left Brain. Always a tie.

Waxing nostaligic about early childhood. Something I do today with my 2nd grader. I know I'm gonna blink and he's gonna be 24! Just know it. Doesn't make it easier. Lordy, hope I don't blow as a mom! You likely felt this too. Now you know that you didn't.

Preach that. It'll hit a homer.

Kathryn said...

What a fun memory of your son and his childhood!

My 9yo just gave me the honor of putting him to bed - usually reserved for his dad. It was so sweet and I just wanted it to last forever.