Friday, March 02, 2007

Cell Phones and Real Life

Three-and one-half years ago, when our sons went off to college and our daughter got her driving permit, I purchased a family cell phone plan. And phones, of course.

Windy City Son lost his within the first couple of weeks of freshmen orientation.

This is the same child who had to start the braces process ALL OVER because he lost three $125 retainers within the first couple of months after having his braces removed. ("Mom, I know I put it in my soccer bag . . .".) He was a learning experience unto himself for our young orthodontist, at whom I growled: "If you had told me that two years and hundreds of uninsured dollars of braces later, he would need to keep track of a retainer for several more years, I would have told you that the entire enterprise was hopeless." (To his credit, said orthodontist and good neighbor offered a significant discount on Braces Round II.)

Anyway, last summer I handed Windy City Son my old cell phone and suggested that he purchase a month-to-month plan, which he has occasionally done. (Much rolling of eyes from his brother, who pointed out, quite reasonably, that "Mom is willing to pay for unlimited service on the family phone plan ~ why don't you just take her up on it?"

Last night he acknowledged having lost that cell phone, too.

Two weeks from today, said child will graduate from college. We are going to the Windy City to watch and beam.

What do you think the chances are that he will make it to the ceremony?


Carol said...

A story told lovingly as only a mother can...congratulations to Chicago Son. I'm not a betting woman but...!

Presbyterian Gal said...

Here's a hopeful story for you,
As a child my room was the stygian black hole of Calcutta when it came to tidiness or finding things. I lost so many things, more than once. My mom despaired of me. She enforced only one rule: that my door stay closed at all times to stem the tide of stuff and such. And she always said "I can't wait to see what your apartment is going to look like when you grow up and move out".

When I grew up and moved out, my apartment? Tidy, neat, everything in one place. My mom would even give me surprise visits, just to double check. Then she'd shake her head in anger and say "Why couldn't you do this at home?"

My reply: "Because you always did it for me in the rest of the house, mom"

Lisa :-] said...

Oh, I'm sure he won't misplace the stadium (or wherever they hold commencement...)

Actually, I applaud this child if he is so telephone-independent that he doesn't need a phone 24/7...

dee said...

Congrats to you and your son! I am hoping to see one of my own get a degree in a few years. I have one who loses everything too (several cell phones, purses, books, you name it)and totalled three cars in the first three years of getting her license. Kids, gotta love em!
And thank you for calming me down when I was freaking out about my son's eminent flight out of the nest. My daughter was easier because she chose a local college and won scholarships to pay for her tuition, books and incidentals. All we did was install her in a dorm and check on her every now and then.
Again, thank you...

sunflowerkat said...

My daughter has lost two cell phones since going to college (she's a sophomore) and broken a third.

I'm sure he'll make it to the ceremony....because you'll be there to kick his butt if he doesn't!