Sunday, October 29, 2006

This 'n That

Well, finally. Blogger has deigned to upload a photograph. It's been so dreary here for the past few days that I have been trying to add solace to my blog and life with this rose from the Willamette University (Oregon) garden.

Power outage for eight hours last night due to winds of 64 mph, or so the power company recording self-righteously stated. Seriously, I am grateful to the folks who worked all night to get it back on -- even if our lights and tv did all come on at about midnight, just as we had finally settled under a huge pile of comforters in anticipation of waking to a very, very cold house. I was also enjoying the reading-by-candlelight experience.

Anyone who asked for the link to my other blog and has not received it -- I know who you are but not how to find you. I need real email addresses! You can use the email address found in my profile. I was about to give up on that blog which no one reads, but just exactly one second before the power went out yesterday, I figured out how to enlarge the images. So I am temporarily happy once again.

In the process of fooling around with the other blog, I found a whole backlog of photos that reminded me of other entries and other times. I might suddenly dump some of them in here.

The election is almost over, right? America at its worst when we should be at our best. If I see one single more snippet about the supposed evils of gay marriage, I am going to sign my name in blood to a committment to never, ever, ever again even listen to a Republican candidate on any topic whatsoever. I will still read David Brooks, whom I adore, but that will be as far as I go.

We had the MOST AMAZING sunrise this morning, which of course I saw due to the time change, and now the brightest sun -- remember sun? -- is streaming down across what few yellow leaves are left after the, yes, we know, 64 mph, winds yesterday. And Greig's Peer Gynt Suite just blared out of the clock radio, which is under the impression that it is now 5:30 am or something. I need to get outta here.


Paul said...

I think I'll confine myself to this blog, where I can do less bull-in-a-china-shop damage. I made that decision on R-r-r-republicans when I was 19.

Carol said...

So glad that the computer was cooperating so you could upload such a beautiful picture and that the sun cooperated in giving you a glorious sunny morning. Not much I can do about the drivel of political ads. Try being in my state where stem cell research is the hot topic for all candidates and for the ballot itself. Oh yeah, that and a large tax increase on cigarettes. Hoping both proposals pass; we've already dealt with gay marriage in this state; sadly, it went to the close-minded among us.

Theresa Williams said...

You adore David Brooks?

alphawoman said...

I have used Photobucket for upleaoding to Blogger, but it totally destroys the layout of the blog till the photo cycles! The tiny photos from the Blogger up-load is a joke. Glad you found the secret. Another blog??

Kathryn said...

Sunrise and Peer Gynt would be an amazing combination. One of my children is currently working on part of that on the piano and I love it.

I'm glad you made it through the storm OK. That was some serious wind.