Friday, October 06, 2006

Is It the Full Moon, or Jesus Camp?

I just got back from seeing the Jesus Camp movie with a friend. Our conversation en route to the parking lot:

Really scary.

Really scary.

We've raised our children to be peacemakers.

We've raised them to appreciate other peoples.

We've raised them to think for themselves.

Those children are so beautiful. What will happen when they realize how badly they've been betrayed?

And by adults who clearly love and care for them.

What's with the worship of the George Bush figure thing?

How did we get to the point where Democrats have become pagans?

How could you turn your children over to adults like that before they have reached the age of reason in any way, shape or form?

Do you remember being that age? How emotional you were? How easily you could be swayed?

How much you wanted to please the adults in your lives?

That young man, saying that when he meets people who aren't Christian, he feels "icky"....

They want to bring on Armageddon.

We got into the car, shivering from the cold, and looked at each other.

Let's go home and lock our doors and try to feel safe again.


Theresa Williams said...

It sounds like it's as spooky as I feared. BTW, what WAS the worship George Bush thing? I saw a brief clip of this on the network news. Were they really worshipping Bush like a god?

Lisa :-] said...

I saw some snippets from this thing...on tv I think. It was scary. And you bring up a lot of excellent points.

Presbyterian Gal said...

I've seen only clips of this thing. It strikes me exactly as your comments indicate.

It appears to me that this movement is exactly the same in anger and direction as the militant Islams. What I fear is that the two will be circling each other, while carrying fearsome weapons, very soon. Armageddon for sure.

So scary, especially when seeing the look of joy in the childrens' eyes over such hateful things.

Carol said...

I have not yet seen the movie but do you think that it's partly a case of children wanting to please their parents, wanting to fit in, and, most importantly, being brainwashed? Children that age are like putty.

I agree with the analogy to the fundamnetalist Muslim schools (the proper name for these escapes me right now). They are teaching hatred and close-mindedness.


Cynthia said...

It will be a long time before I get to see this movie. The chances of it playing in a tiny Bible Belt town aren't exactly great. From the clips and previews I've seen, I think your comparison to militant Muslims is on target. It's the commonality of extreme fundamentalism.