Saturday, September 30, 2006

Ten Things This Week

1. Teaching Chinese philosophy to ninth graders. Talk of Daoism led to talk of ecology which led to talk of other "ologies" which led to one young lady asking, "What is gynecology, anyway?" I provided a definition and then asked, "Is there anything else we need to clear up today?"

2. I saw five deer, all together, when I was out walking the other evening. One of them was very small, obviously pretty new.

3. I really don't like living in a house where no cat lies curled up anywhere at all. Today I thought I saw her lying on the pile of papers on the dining room table. But, of course, she wasn't.

4. I'm spending Yom Kippur visiting Steel City Seminary.

5. Some people said some really wonderful things to me this past week. And one person said something really, really terrible. Win some, lose some, I guess.

6. I am struggling to upload pictures today ~ but here's one from Iona that suddenly popped right up. It's a view from what's left of the 13th century nunnery.

7. I've been listening to Vivaldi all week. Everyone should hear Les Violons de France play the Four Seasons
in Ste. Chapelle on a summer evening but, barring that, a car CD player will do. (Yes ~ three links there ~ the second one is the music.)

8. Christina Yang has always been my favorite Grey's Anatomy character, but this week Miranda Bailey grabbed that slot.

9. The eighth graders brought a cake to class to celebrate the birthday of one of their number. It was a very large cake.

10. I saw the first juncoes of the fall yesterday. Regular readers know that I do NOT consider that to be a good sign. I know that
Theresa loves winter, but I most emphatically do not.


Theresa Williams said...

Well, now I have a little lump in my throat about the curled up cat. My tabby, Mojo, a.k.a. Midder Moe, is curled up on one of my coats just outside my writing room. Allen and Buddha are out boating and Midder Moe is keeping me company. He has a belly full of tuna and half-and-half. I know what you mean about that absence. I still miss our cat of 13 years, and she has been gone about three years now. And, it's true, I have no lump in my throat regarding the passing of summer. I look forward eagerly to the first snow of the year. Allen doesn't like winter, either. He's out trying to capture the last vestiges of warm weather, even though it's raining. But sorry to you both: it's my turn. :-)

Virginia said...

#3.... she may have been.

Peace, Virginia

Cathy said...

Vivaldi is a very good thing to listen to! A feast for the ears.

Ari said...

What is gynecology... HAHAHAHA!! How funny is that?!


sunflowerkat119 said...

A list that demonstrates there are blessings everywhere. I wish a new kitty would adopt you.

Lisa :-] said...

#3.) :(

Ten things...where on earth did you get this idea?? :-]

Carol said...

So sad to be missing the cat so much. I'm guessing that your students' knowledge of gynecology is far different than many girls their age. How was your visit to the seminary?

ppolarbear said...

I have cats to curl up. But it doesn't stop me from missing one particular cat.

I am so sorry for your loss.