Friday, September 22, 2006

About That Last Post

I usually don't post about work. For all the obvious reasons.

But tonight, yes. As the Days of Awe begin.

I teach in an Orthodox Jewish middle and high school, and so I have some experiences that most of my Christian friends do not.

In my world, brilliant and articulate women, women passionate about their faith and their culture and the history of their people, are not ordained.

In my world, history classes on the Roman Empire and, later, the Protestant Reformation, always require a detour where the questions go something like,

Do YOU believe that, Ms. C? Do YOU believe that Jesus actually came back to life?

What is the difference between the Presbyterians and the Amish?

Paul was WHO? And then he turned into WHAT?

What do YOU think about Jews and Christians? Do you know that there are Messianic Jews who come to the mall and knock on our doors to try to convert us?

In my world, God is revealed through the law; Christmas is, at best, a troubling interruption; and Easter is incomprehensible.

In my world, there is no forgetting that our Christian story story came to us in the form of a Jewish man in a particular time and a particular place.

My world is distinctly not my world. And yet it is. It's been a very, very good place for me to learn and grow.

L'Shana Tovah indeed. May we all be inscribed and sealed for a good year.


Carol said...

And "your world" is an example of all that is right with the world. With more understanding, knowledge, acceptance, and interaction, we might be on the road to peace. Thank you for the role you're playing in this.

Kathryn said...

Enjoy your vacation! I enjoy learning about other religious so I can better understand the differences.

I live in a neighborhood with a fairly large percentage of Orthodox Jews. It is a quiet and special day -- the school and sports teams have no activities all weekend.

Lisa :-] said...

You are the most ecumenical person I have ever encountered, Robin. And you are the exact person to be where you are. A lesser woman, or at least a different one, would not be able to deal as gracefully with the cultural contrasts.

sunflowerkat119 said...

You have a very special role in bridging a gap of understanding. I think a lot of people WANT to understand the differences, but are overwhelmed by what it takes to learn. You are a facilitator of understanding and peace.