Saturday, September 30, 2006


1. Tell us about any group(s) you currently belong to. (e.g. book club, knitting circle, walking buddies, etc.)

I don't think I "belong" to any groups. Not in the sense that there is a list or a roll call. But I go to the women's spirituality group at church. This fall I'm facilitating a small church group on Richard Foster's Celebration of Disciplines. I have two internet groups of women friends, with some overlap since both originated in the same place. And I have a group of women friends with whom I hang out most Saturday mornings (not today because I am, theoretically, cleaning house, which we can all see that I am not doing in actual reality) . One of those women I have known since the first day of law school thirty years ago. Most I have known, via the first church to which I belonged, for nineteen years. (I am certain of that, because the Lovely Daughter was a newborn when we met.) Some of them I have known much more briefly.

2. Do you feel energized or drained by being in a group situation? If the answer is "it depends," on what does it depend?

It depends. If we are sitting around talking, I usually feel totally energized. If I am dragged along on a group shopping trip, no matter how worthy the cause, I am miserable before, during, and after. I do try to behave, though.

3. Is there a role you naturally find yourself playing in group situations? That is, do you naturally fall into the leader role, or the one who always makes sure the new person feels welcome, or the quiet one who sits back and lets others shine, or the host?

Any of the above. It depends.

4. Handshakes vs. hugs: discuss.

Handshakes upon meeting new people. (As I have commented elsewhere, this practice has its perils when introducing myself to Orthodox Jewish men.) Hugs with friends I haven't seen in awhile. Amazingly, I am usually the recipient of several hugs a day from the high school girls I teach.

5. Ice breakers: a playful way to build community in a lighthearted manner, or a complete and utter hell of forced fun and awkwardness?

I don't usually mind icebreakers. But I could live without them.

I think it's raining again out there. But last night it was beautiful. And I have a photo but, per usual, Blogger is resisting the upload so I'll try later. I'm getting so sick of that -- I'm thinking about a move to typepad. Any thoughts?


Cathy said...

I just moved to typepad and have been happy with it. It took a little adjusting to, but it has been worth it. It has some nice features on it.

sunflowerkat119 said...

How about come back to AOL

emmapeelDallas said...

I can usually only upload pics to Blogger using Mozilla. IE won't let me do it at all. I've been thinking of going Beta, but I think I'll try a trial run first. I love your pics, but I also always enjoy reading what you write.

It's always good to see you here.