Thursday, December 08, 2005

Intentionally Untitled

I'm still so disoriented -

Not ready with the endurance winter requires -

Things going badly at work -

No idea how to respond to last question on final exam -

House a mess -

Way behind on my grading because I just don't feel like doing it -

Kids coming home but not mentally ready for them -

Sad and challenging news today about my daughter's university -

And I can't think of a thing to write about -

Oh, and one more little thing -- today I received the following email from a member of a yahoo listserve I'm on - or rather, was on, since she's deleted the entire thing as a result of this good news:

Yahoo is now using something called "Web Beacons" to track Yahoo Group users around the net and see what you're doing and where you are going-- similar to cookies. Yahoo is recording every website and every group you visit.

I feel hounded, by the media, by the crass commercialism that passes for the holidays, and by the internet.

Maybe it's time to put the blog down for a nap.


Lisa :-] said...

The internet had been a wondrous thing. Think about has grown and thrived for the last decade, with the costs involved to the "consumer" at a minimum. In our consumer-driven economy, advertising is a huge force. It was only a matter of time before Madison Avenue followed the droves of consumers to the internet, and put their crass, invasive machinery into action. I'm afraid it's simply a fact of life here in the 21st century,and we each have to deal with it as our conscience and individual preferences allow. Personally, I have learned, for the most part, to ignore it. But, I have to admit, the idea of having someone track me all over the internet is pretty distasteful. Though the things I do and look at would probably put them to sleep...

tess said...

Was wondering what effect the news on Tulane had for your daughter?

Judith HeartSong said...

oh, what a season it has been. I support you in any decisions you make, I would just have to say that your words and voice MEAN something in my life.

Virginia said...

I find winter a rough time too. I play the denial game.... LOL. It's "late fall" for as long as possible. By the end of this month, it will then be only two months until March, which, of course, is "early spring"....
The upside to winter is a fire in the fireplace every night!