Monday, May 14, 2007

Things To Do, Small and Large

1. Buy new stamps.

2. Order Lovely Daughter's college transcript to prove that she is in fact insured for the removal of her wisdom teeth later this summer.

3. Teach senior (Orthodox Jewish) girls' class on Christianity tomorrow.

4. Help son find reputable training program so that he can teach English in Europe. Or somewhere.

5. Buy more Pedialite and Gatorade. (Husband got it. Daughter probably will. Guess it wasn't psychosomatic after all.)

6. Attack mound of paperwork piled between seminary and me: Never mind, you don't want to know.

7. Think about making a doctor's appointment.

8. Make an 8-day retreat
here ~ yippee! ~ in August.


Carol said...

That's quite a laundry list, GG! But all are positive, I think. Even the fact that your dh and Lovely Daughter have gotten your delightful bug should be some solace in that it probably isn't something organically wrong with you. And a transcript to teach is a path to a job and financial independence! Tell us more about the retreat this summer? All I could tell from the link is that it's outside the US and possibly in Ireland?

Gannet Girl said...


Lightyears2venus said...

Glad you're feeling so much better and that I'm not the only one who goes online to look for opportunities for Son (who next week is also having wisdom teeth out). The end of the school year is always such a mixed blessing: the conclusion is near, but oh so much to do to get there.