Saturday, November 18, 2006

Saturday Surfing

I spent some time last night visiting some blogs in a way for which I've had little time lately, and I have some good stuff to pass on:

The Funniest Thanksgiving Story Ever

Cynthia's Poetry

Maryanne's New Paintings

Lisa wrote a great entry about how the Real Lisa is once again emerging as her new buiness settles into her soul, but I can't find it. Private journal, maybe? (ah, she reposted!)

I also realized that, like Cynthia, I have been on Blogger for just about a year, having arrived in the wake of the Great AOL Advertising Debacle. So I looked back at November '05 and discovered that
the move wasn't easy (and I still have no idea what RSS feed means), that we did the same Thanksgiving in Chicago that we're planning for next week, that we saw sandhill cranes and their friends on the way home.

Then, of course, I took a look back at November '04 as reflected in my old AOL journal. Chicago again. The Lovely Daughter working on college applications ( which would take her to NOLA and Oregon, but who knew?). The Dismal Election. And a personal reminder to me that No Good Deed Goes Unpunished.

I see as I look back over past entries that November has been a prime procrastination month for me. And here I am again, right on schedule!


Lisa :-] said...

I loved Paul's story (and I swear his mom and my mom are long-lost sisters...) and Cynthia's poem totally blew me away.

And, yes, my entry is in "Brainsurfing," but I'm thinking of double-posting it to "Terms..."

Blogging has been interesting over the last year, hasn't it? :-]

Cynthia said...

It doesn't feel like a year, does it? Thanks for the link. I hoped that you and my old friends, in particular, would like it.

Carol said...

I should list "procrastinator" as my occupation! I watched parts of the game yesterday through a sinus infection and conjunctivitis induced fog but it was exciting!

Kathryn said...

Thanks for all the fun links!