Thursday, November 16, 2006

Long Week

Too much to do.

Parent conferences for four hours last night (35 sets of parents?) and another four next Tuesday night (followed in each case by full teaching days managed by largely comastose teachers). Alexander Hamilton and the origins of the American financial system for the 1oth grade. References to write for students and applications of my own to do. A One Church, One Book study (over dinner in various homes) of Mere Christianity next Sunday night ~ accidentally let myself be roped into leading one of the discussions so I have to reread the book, which I am re-remembering I do not much care for. Can't figure out why that is. Colonial America projects for the 8th grade. Teacher's lounge arguments about whether Israel should accept money from American evangelicals whose vision of a Jewish future differ rather decidedly from the Jewish one. The Abassid Caliphate and the Goldern Age of Baghdad for the 9th graders. Lost debit/credit card. Three college tuition payments coming up. Gee, I wonder why that second floor toilet has never been repaired.

Salvation! ~ it's time for Grey's.

I depart with a photo of the beloved Lovely Daughter pondering the Oregon coastline.


Lisa :-] said...

She is lovely. And so is our scenery! :)

sunflowerkat119 said...

AND....the holidays are coming.

Sorry, I deserve to be smacked for that.

What a wonderful photo of your beautiful daughter.

Cynthia said...

She is just beautiful. Try to remember to breathe once or twice in the middle of all this activity.

Carol said...

Breathe...breathe...breathe...and remember that you have a wonderful prize at the end of the trials--a visit with the college sons. Beautiful photo...I love everything about it.

Kathryn said...

I'm so glad there is a new entry or three. I gave up looking.

She is beautiful. Are these the only parent conferences of the year? Thank goodness they are over.

Laurie said...

I love this pic!!!