Sunday, November 27, 2005

En Route

Most of the sandhill cranes in easern North America pass through the Jasper-Pulaski Wildlife Refuge in northern Indiana on their fall and spring journeys. There are probably 10-12,000 cranes in northern Indiana right now, although to see them en masse you have to be at the right place (J-P) at the right time (sunrise and sunset), which we weren't. Nevertheless, we saw several hundred in mid-afternoon yesterday. And we were treated to a view of a large herd of deer, a flock of wild turkeys, and four coyotes, all mingling in the fields far beyond the cranes.


Tess said...

Since so many of the LA and TX perserves were severely flooded,
I'll be curious as to whether we see any cranes this year. Thanks for posting these.

kas said...

How beautiful. Thank you for sending me your link!

Virginia said...

Beautiful picture and majestic animals!
Peace, Virginia