Thursday, November 17, 2005

To Everything There Is A Season

I don't actually do change.

I wouldn't have changed my name for man, institution, or convention.

I wouldn't have moved for a job, mine or anyone else's.

I would never have left AOL Journals on my own initiative. I had created a wonderful cyberspace there, far more successfully than any attempt I had ever made to address a three-dimensional space in the physical world. I was all curled up in a big, wide, soft chair, surrounded by reading material, paintings and photographs, and friends. What more could I have asked for?

It seems, however, that even I can be propelled into a new world, however unwillingly.

It's not so easy. I don't know where to get my oil changed or where anything is located on the grocery shelves. I don't know where to walk. My friends are scattered all over the place and I don't know how to find them. I don't know how to link, either literally or figuratively. It's going to take months to move my baggage down the street. I just deleted an entry and screwed up a photo, so obviously I don't have a handle on the new place, but the old place is cluttered with debris -- and locked up.

Well, I will figure it out. I will locate my friends. I will learn how to do the technology, which means that I will find other people who can lead me through it, one word at a time. I will learn to use Bloglines. I will even learn what words like RSS and feed mean. I will probably learn that the new can be better than the old.

But at the moment, it all feels kind of sad and lonely.


Virginia said...

I hope that "lonely" will go away quickly. Judi and I usually try to scratch our heads when something happens that we aren't happy with, and wonder what realization will come to us in the future that will sheld light on the purpose for the current moment. I don't know the direction this twist will take us, but I hope for all of us, something better and brighter will surprise us!

Lorinda said...

Well welcome to your new neighborhood! The great thing about RSS is that it let me know that you had finally posted something here again without me having to beg for the new address on your old journal or remember to check in here.

Lisa :-] said...

"But at the moment, it all feels kind of sad and lonely."

Ditto that...

Judith HeartSong said...

lots of love and hugs to you here.... it has been such a sad week, compounded by some people who just don't seem to think. But the crows are calling outside my window, and I hope that they are saying that all will be well. An extra gentle hug to you today, judi

Paul said...

I'm still here. Paul

Cynthia said...

Know just what you mean.