Saturday, March 18, 2006


My life is pretty stable these days. But there are those weeks when everyone is moving around.
Today, one son at home recovering from that little root canal procedure.
Another en route home from Chicago.
A daughter collapsed on her bed in New Orleans after a morning spent picking up garbage in the Ninth Ward.
I doubt that she took any pictures, so I found some here.
No commentary necessary.


Kathryn said...

That's a lot of movement to track. Both my kids and their dad are sitting in the family room reading. At this stage, I know where they are at all times -- independent transit will be an adjustment.

beths front porch said...

The photo - wow. I think we need these reminders of what happened. And your daughter, helping! fabulous. Sometimes as a parent I felt like a maypole, with people running around me and their bright pretty ribbons pulling and pulling while I tried to stand straight! Beth

V said...

Aww, it`s great your daughter is pitching in. The pica are devastating.

Coy said...

Sounds like you are transitioning well, stable is good.

Does your daughter have a digital camera? Someday I'm sure she will wish she took time to photograph this amazing part of her journey.

Can't believe that we have allowed that place to remain in that condition this long.

We had major devastation here in beautiful South Florida too, it took a few months of crews working day and night to get things cleaned up, but it did get done.

Funny how we can afford billions on top of billions for this war, but can't afford to take care of our own state of emergency.

You know this is a subject close to my heart. Thanks for the reminder.

*** Coy ***

tess said...

I passed on Round Robin's Challenge- Signs this last week because all I had was Katrina Signs. The images were hard for me to post.
College students are putting in needed effort and tell your daughter they are making a difference- physically and emotionaly.

Carol said...

The photos get to me everytime I see new ones. Thank you for sharing those, Robin. Your daughter is truly doing a good thing. There are several groups of high school students here heading to NO and the Gulf Coast to help with whatever needs to be done. So much work, so few resources. And even fewer people who have a plan of how to do it.

The inequitable amounts of spending for this disaster on our own soil versus the war half a world away gets me angrier and angrier each day. And tonight I heard that FEMA is going to be contacting some victims and asking for money BACK; apparently they received it in error. Talk about bureaucracy run amok and the blind leading the blind. This is ridiculous.

Virginia said...

Wow, the root canal was quiet an experience... one he won't forget (and neither will you)! Hope he is recovering quickly.

Peace, Virginia

Bedazzzled1 said...

Yikes, things are busy and/or worrisome for you. I hope your traveling son comes home safely, that your root canal son heals nicely, and that your daughter renews her energy. What a good deed she is performing.

Be well.

marigolds2 said...

hey, don't talk to me about movement. i'm ready to shoot myself. anyway, re your comment on my blogspot nonblog - i DID tag you when i put that meme up. you said you thought you had already done it somewhere, you'd have to look - and that was all she wrote.

Globetrotter said...

Oh Robin.

I can only imagine how depressed you must feel.

These KIDS of ours. We love them so violently that our hearts and souls ache with them. I know you are in pain for your daughter who is in pain for the people of the 9th ward.

I know you are still worried about your son and his root canal fiasco... as well you should be.

It is at this stage of our lives that liquor takes on a wonderful new meaning...