Sunday, March 12, 2006

Christianity in Action

For those of my friends who view Christianity with skepticism, ridicule, or boredom; for those over at The Blue Voice who wonder if anyone has ever heard of liberal Christians; for those who somehow equate Christianity with patriotism or the Republican Party or the United States of America; for those (I count myself in this group) who are just an apathetic group resting our behinds in the pews ~

just for today, read about and honor
Tom Fox.


Stacy said...

Thanks for the link. I think there are many "brands" of Christianity. Tom Fox represents the best of them. Rush Limbaugh reflects attitudes of the worst.

LightYears2Venus said...

What a prolific past few days. *Breath-taking photos
*Thoughts which I chew on for days
*Me, too! moments
*Interesting links
*Fascinating reports on what's happening in nature in another part of the country
In other words, the usual!
I love your journal and look forward to it as often as I can possibly visit. To paraphrase a cliche, you illuminate my life.

Lisa :-] said...

Did you think I was saying Christianity and conservatism are one and the same? I'm sorry if I gave that impression. My personal feeling is that the best and highest aims of Christianity--of any faith--are embodied in the liberal movement. What I meant to say in my post

at TBV was that we cannot use literal Biblical passages--which we all know can be and are interpreted in any way an individual chooses to spin them--as a textbook for 21st century human society. We can employ faith as a vital part of the conversation, but it cannot BE the conversation.

Gannet Girl said...

No, it was someone else on TBV who said something like, "Have you ever even heard of a liberal Christian?" I get so irritated at those posts -- yes, I have heard of a liberal Christian; I go to church with 250 of them every week. I just get tired of all the liberal ragging on Christians. But when I respond, someone usually just repsonds back and basically tells me how stupid I am. I guess if your (not you personally, of course) preconception is that religious = stupid, it's hard to get beyond that.

Kathryn said...

I can't imagine anybody who has read your writing calling you stupid. It says a lot about the place where the statement comes from.

I know many liberal Christians and many liberals who can't believe that I am both a liberal and a Christian. In fact, I would take it a step further and say that I can't imagine being Christian and not being a liberal. Christ was all about helping those who needed help, living peacefully, and loving deeply.

Carol said...

I couldn't agree more with Kathryn's statement above. As a non-Christian, I believe that God commands and demands us to live peacefully, show compassion for our fellow man, and love all people--regardless of sexual persuasion, belief system, skin color, ethnicity, etc.

If that makes me a liberal, then I'm proud to be one. I'd rather not be labeled but if I have to wear one it would read, "human being".

If my beliefs lead some to think I'm damned to an afterlife in hell then that's their problem, not mine.