Friday, February 17, 2006

I'm getting sicker, too

Last night about 10:00, I suddenly said, "I feel absolutely awful."

I've been to work and I've been to the grocery and I've come home and gulped down some Nyquil. At the grocery I saw one of my kids' Montessori teachers and the dad of one of their oldest (also from Montessori days) friends. Two people I have known almost my entire parenting life. It was a nice moment. But I had to wave them away because I am sneezing and achy and miserable.

I am now going to bed with my books and my magazines and my sick kitty and my exuberant dog. (IQ Test: Which one does NOT belong in this grouping? Not a thing I can do about it, though.)

Should I ever emerge, look for a new series on the trip the lovely daughter and I took to Prince Edward Island last summer. I never did get it all down before the AOL implosion, so I think I will now. Or soon. Water. Beaches. Birds. What else is there?


tess said...

Feel Better!

Lisa :-] said...

I tried to post a comment earlier, but my power went out (high gorge winds in Porltand today) in the middle of my comment, and now my DSL modem is pooka. Luckily, I still have my trusy old dial-up... Ah, sometimes older IS better.

Anyway---curl up with a good book, some hot liquids, and get better.

Virginia said...

Take care and feel better!

Peace, Virginia

emmapeelDallas said...

Ohhh, I hope you feel better soon. I'm looking forward to the Prince Edward Island writings.


Vicky said...

Feel better my dear - and I hope the dog has lost some exuberance (in the nicest possible way). Hope that the silver lining is that you can get some enjoyable reading in. Hey, the kids are gone, so you don't need to feel guilty about not doing stuff for them - yea!

Sending warm hugs, Vicky

Kathryn said...

Feel better soon!!

sunflowerkat said...

I'm so sorry that you're feeling so bad. I hope by now you're doing better. I'll watch for your upcoming entries!!