Thursday, February 23, 2006

Eaglet Arrival!

Yesterday morning I dragged my 8th grade history class into a computer room to show them the beginnings of this eagle's hatching effort. I reminded them that, as one of my students last year had said, we have just finished studying colonial Maryland, and


LightYears2Venus said...

Yes! As in that musical 1776 where Franklin, Adams, and Jefferson sing about the Congressional incubator hatching the new nation. If memory serves, there's an eagle reference, too. BTW, we don't get President's Day off--we get Rodeo Break today and tomorrow! Thinking of you with your 8th graders, while I'm not thinking of my 7th graders and getting my brows waxed. *debbi*

Lisa :-] said...

Brrrr... Welcome to the world, little guy!

There was a story on our local news yesterday about some kids finding an injured bald eagle. The authorities came out and captured it, but they said its wing was so badly broken (in nine places) that they thought it best to euthanize it. They said it had probably been hit by a car... Very sad. :(

Vicky said...

Yea - the Eagle Has Hatched! Boy - a gaggle of 8th graders. you are a brave woman! I knew I admired you!

Love, Vicky

emmapeelDallas said...

That is SO cool. I clicked on the pic of the new hatchling with its eyes open, and saw the teeth too! They are incredibly cute babies.

Thanks for sharing this.