Monday, February 27, 2006

Cavendish Beach: Maritime Travels 6 Out of 12

The red stone and sand distinguishes the beaches of the western side of Prince Edward Island. Cavendish Beach, in the PEI National Park, stretches for miles with its rocky pools, cliffs, and blanket of sand. In the afternoon, children rush the cold water exuberantly while most people over the age of ten find it much more pleasant to stretch out in the sand.

In the morning, the light reminds you that you are standing on the northern tilt of the planet. The birds ~ cormorants, Bonaparte's gulls, and sanderlings ~ are indifferent to your presence. The beach is devoid of human presence, lifeguard stands remain tipped back from the night before, and sandcastles triumphantly proclaim their escape from the tides.

And in the evening, it's still again.


Wenda said...

Thanks for taking me back. It's been over fifteen years since the last time I was on PEI. How fortunate you are to travel so often, or is that just my projection? ;}

Ari said...

Oh wow, those are lovely pictures.


Paul said...

4 out of 4? 5 out of 5? 6 out of 6?

V said...


kathjensen said...

I love the soft light in the morning and the evening. Beautiful pics! I will get there someday.