Monday, February 27, 2006

Cavendish Dunes: Maritime Travels 5 Out Of 12

We spent two days in Cavendish, the little town adjacent to the Prince Edward Island National Park. Our main activities: walking the dunes and beach, visiting Anne of Green Gables sites, walking the dunes and beach, kayaking in North Rustico Harbor, walking the dunes and beach, looking for sunsets, and walking the dunes and beach.

We went to the beach late on the first afternoon. How I wish I had remembered the camera. My daughter, wearing an ankle-length skirt printed in pink strawberries, a thin white jacket that hugged her hips, and a pile of honey-colored hair atop her head, looked just like a girl out of the novels, walking gracefully up and down the dune paths and bending delightedly over tide pools carved in the red rock of the beach.

We went back late at night to watch the moon over the sea, and we went back the next day to spend time on the beach itself. And I, bowing to the demands of the adolescent craving for sleep in the mornings, set out by myself early each day to see the dawn on northern shores, with ravens my companions every step of the way.

Sunsets joined lighthouses as a PEI pasttime of ours. The first night we lingered too long over dinner, but the next night, and every night afterward, we got it right.


Virginia said...

Love the Crow!

Peace, Virginia

Vicky said...

Beautiful pictures, beautiful memories. A precious time to be treasured and mulled over, as you are doing now, Robin. Thank you for sharing them.


Paul said...

My mother's family hails from Point Prim, but I've walked those dunes before, and even ridden a cantankerous horse on the beach. I'm glad you captured the shaggy throat feathers this time.

Paula said...

Ravens are great birds--and you caught a great picture!

emmapeelDallas said...

Each of these entries is beautiful, and I'm enjoying them very much, text and photos.