Friday, November 18, 2005

High Tech

If you saw me, you would know. I mean it -- you would really KNOW. I am so not functional in this century.

And yet, surprisingly, I am. I am sitting here in the dining room, where books and papers are crammed into and onto every surface, where my great-great grandmother's china sits in the cupboard, and where a cat making funny little brrrrpiiiiing noises is perched on a carpet on a hardwood floor, with all her feet tucked under her. The only concession to the modern world is this little gadget on which I am typing away with my two index fingers.

So here's what I've done today to justify my presence in the century in which I happen to live -- besides work and yes, I did do a tiny bit of that. If I hadn't gone there, I couldn't have accessed my lonely AOL journal to send people here.

1. I added links! A few at a time. It's an arduous process but I'm getting the hang of it.

2. I moved some entries over. That process isn't any easier.

3. I cleaned out my AOL cookies and cache, whatever on earth that means, and had a very pleasant exchange with AOL Joe, who is indeed trying to share helpful (albeit ultimately useless) assistance with respect to the problem of saving AOL entires.

4. I did write a new AOL entry, and stashed it in Joe's comment section. It's about how advertising really is a significant social issue for the 21st century. Unfortunately I have no idea how to do in-text links over here yet, so if you want to read it -- well, you'll just have to go look for it. It wasn't all that good or even interesting, so you probably won't want to bother.

5. I navigated the Tulane University website and made several phone calls to some lovely folks in New Orleans in a (succcessful!) attempt to find the college course description catalog online -- now THERE's an internet task. My lovely daughter in Oregon is now registered for classes in Louisiana with a little help from her mom in Ohio.

6. In the process of muddling my way through the various Tulane links, I learned that several people might not be available to help me this late Friday afternoon because they were throwing a bon voyage party for a colleague who lost her house and all its contents.

So don't worry about my inability to distinguish between the significant and the trivial. Every time I call New Orleans, I am reminded how lucky I am to have the dining room, the books, the papers, the china, the carpet, the floor and, most especially, the cat.


emmapeelDallas said...


Your site looks GREAT, and I wanted to say thank you so much for sending me the e-mail with your new addy. I've updated the link to you on my site, and if you're looking for people, check out my favorites as I have a long list and I'm updating it each time I get a new address. I think we can build a strong community of journalers (I'm not sure that's a word) over here. It's good to find friendly faces again.


Gabreael said...

Hey, it looks great. I am having trouble adding links to mine. Do you have any advice for that.


Anonymous said...
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Virginia said...

You are more technology savvy than I am. I need to learn about links and graphic yet in this platform.
Peace, Virginia

ckays1967 said...

Your new place look great!!!

Much more lovely...the links are kind of like they were in AOL, there is that weird little button that is green, it is the hyper link. Hightlight the words you want the link to be on and then click that button, when it pops up delete the http that is there and then paste your link you want to have in then and save it. Just like you did in AOL. Do you know which weird little green button I mean?

Man I hope I am being helpful.


Tess said...

Glad things are working for you in both spots.
Wonderful to hear that your daughter will return to Tulane. Go Greenwave~
Thanks for Keeping NOLA in your memory banks. Down here we are all thankful for something this season.