Tuesday, September 29, 2009

An Ordinary Tuesday, Fall 2009

Slept in a tiny bit ~ nothing about the dark and the rain urges me up and out but ~

By 7:00, on the road for the long drive to seminary. Some days it goes by quickly. Today: 70 miles down, 66 to go; 71 down, 65 to go ... . Like that. When I get here, I am greeted by the chimney swifts who circle the office building.

Late morning class on Church and Sacraments. I love this class. The professor is organized, calm, paced, scholarly, and the epitome of clarity. Today's topic: Calvin on Scripture and preaching.

Lunchtime class: the discussion group centered on our field ed experiences. A young man presents a case study.

I finish unpacking and run to the grocery. I live in a furnished dorm room here, with a teeny kitchen space -- Lean Cuisine for the next few nights.

I finally settle down to work on Hebrew, rewarding myself with a walk after a couple of hours. It's stopped raining but it's like November. The sky and the reservoir water are both slate gray, and a crowd of migrating Canada geese has materialized. I know ~ a gaggle of geese. I usually use my walks as prayer time, but I get two phone calls.

Evening education class. It's about media and education and cultural competency and education. Two point five hours. I'm at my limit.

Dinner. A little research for my first sermon at my field ed church in three weeks. A long time messing around, mostly online.

I was going to outline my Hebrew paper, but now I think not. I'm reading Timothy Gallagher's book on the Examen, for the third time and very very slowly and meditatively, and so I think I'll get in bed with my book.

Tuesdays are way too full for me. It's hard to manage all of the above and my thoughts, which are not about any of the above, as well. Tomorrow, with only one class and otherwise a whole day in which to work and walk and think and pray, will be very much easier.


Jennifer said...

That's a full day for anyone! Whew!

Stratoz said...

you just got to dig Chimney Swifts that circle.