Tuesday, September 08, 2009

First Day Back

I'm not writing in my other blog for awhile, because my feelings are too raw these days to share in even a tiny and relatively anonymous public forum. So, over here, I'll just relay a little of how life in general is going:

The downsides:

People talking at me for six hours today, because it's the first day back; that's about five hours and 59 minutes too much of beng talked AT.

This morning's convocation sermon entitled "I'm So Happy To be Alive," which was preached one year to the hour from when three of us were sitting at my son's funeral, my son whose experience of life a week earlier had been so tortured that he could think of nothing but ending it. My best friend was sitting next to me this morning and ased if I heard any of it. "I listened to every word," I said. "I have to figure out how to get through these things." But now, twelve hours later, I remember nothing except how very painful it was to get through.

The upsides:

Seeing friends! Good conversations.

I am, as I had hoped, going to love my Church and Sacraments class. We have to write a short paper on how technology like church websites, blogging, twitter, etc. and their creation of disembodied relationships affects the church, for good and for ill. Will she admit to blogging or not? Maybe y'all can help me write the paper.

I was not looking forward to my required education class at all. Apparently there are many of us with graduate work and much experience as educators, however, and I found the professor to be delightful. It might be kind of nice to take some time to reflect somewhat systematically on the practice of religious education.

I'm all moved in to the dorm room which I will inhabit three nights a week for just one more year so, while I never did get around to reviewing Hebrew today, I now have a pleasant space in which a person who wanted to do such a thing COULD work on Hebrew.

I do not, actually, know such a person. Nevertheless, I now have to go and take a look at all that I've forgotten in the past five weeks, which is pretty much all of it.


Jan said...

(((GG))) Thank you for writing.

Carol Cohen said...

Maybe one of my rabbi friends could sit in for you on your hebrew exams!!!

Widening Circles said...

I would love to read that paper when you write it. I'm the webmaster at our church, and it's interesting how many people find us through the website. So that's a good thing, but at least it has a physical dimension, while the relationships I've made through blogging feel deep but not quite real. Fascinating. Good luck this semester!

Kathryn J said...

I'm sure we would all be happy to help with your paper. Sacred Space has made a big difference in my prayer life. I'm too lazy to find a passage a day but will take one if served.

I'm glad to read that some of the courses seem promising. The sermon sounds like it must have been excruciating. I still think of you and your son everyday and sometimes when it catches me off guard it's hard to breathe. Praying with you.

Kathryn J said...
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Michelle said...

{{GG}} I write counterpoint homilies in my head under similar circumstances!

That paper sound like fun to write (we can all write a tidbit for you)!!

I took an education seminar a couple of years ago and found it very helpful as a place to reflect on what I was about in the classroom. I found the final paper I wrote yesterday as I cleaned up my office at the College, and re-read it (as it's essentially letter to myself about my teaching, it will be to good effect this semester, I hope!)

Less talking at is always preferable!! May the first week be all grace...

Jennifer said...

I'm sorry fore the predictible awful parts, but glad you're pleasantly surprised by the education class and confirmed in your excitement about worship& sacraments. As you move through these days, you are much in my prayers.

Presbyterian Gal said...

Here's hoping that the first day is the most daunting and it's smooth study from here.

Re: the church and technology paper - sounds like fun!! Here's a thought I've had: I find the relationship with the holy spirit to be just as disembodied as FB, Twitter or all those. The only difference is the mode of communication and where it hits: neurologically as opposed to spiritually.

Purple said...

Being talked AT...ugh!!!

Sermon: a whole lot more than ugh!!!

Technology debate: Can't wait to hear your contemplative wisdom on that one.