Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Coot Day

On my walk today, I spent several minutes observing a coot swimming in the reservoir. I'm not sure I've ever had such a close view of a coot, and I couldn't figure out how it could swim with those long, long toes. But now that I've found a photograph, I see that each toe has little webbed sections protruding from it.

Coots are such bizarre birds.

A quiet day. A Hebrew class and a lot of work, most of the day, on Psalm 88. I liked it because of its unremitting expression of anguish, but it turns out to be a work of immense artistry as well. Now I like it even better. More on that another day.

A meeting for a group project. Another tantalizing Lean Cuisine dinner.

And now I am reading Calvin on the authority of Scripture. Interesting that, on the same day on which I spent so much time contemplating a coot, I am now contemplating Calvin's words about our inability to know God fully in God's creation as opposed to God's revelation in Scripture. I am reminded of one commentator who suggested that there is little evidence for Calvin's having ever paid much attention to the creation he describes so brilliantly.

But ~ he did pay a lot of attention to Scripture, and certainly in a more lucid and cohesive fashion than that of which I am capable.

So I guess tonight I am glad enough for Calvin, and for coots as well.

I had not anticipated an alliterative post when I got started.

Try to restrain yourself if you comment.



Forgot one little thing in the current events department.

Gregarious Son had an emergency root canal today.

Nine hundred uninsured dollars.


Michelle said...

Heresy hassles here. Hah!

Seriously - poor Gregarious Son!!

Stratoz said...

in other words... cool coots cannot confirm Calvin. I dig coots too.

and I will consider having insurance when I had my root canal a blessing

Stratoz said...

imagine what would have happened if you had not asked Michelle and I to have restraint, clearly I see no alliteration at all ;')

Jennifer said...

Calming coots and revolting root canals. The end.

Presbyterian Gal said...

Well darn. Previous posts preempted personal posting. Can't comment on coots and Calvin.

Sorry about the root canal. That's rough.

Gannet Girl said...

I am certainly enjoying the restrained remarks.

Carol said...

Roots rot.
Canals can not be constrained.

Calvin's concealed from Carol due to ignorance on interfaith cast lists.

Not nearly as good as the others.

Virginia said...

I love the feet that the Coot's have - they look like they walked right out of a cartoon.